Capital Markets

Capital Markets

As part of the Savills Association Index Real Estate has extensive contacts and connections worldwide, through which Index Real Estate can offer the following services to any client:

  • Comprehensive and current local information for worldwide markets
  • Real estate consulting and brokerage
  • Project planning and management
  • Personal service and guidance

Representing Israeli companies abroad

Over the years, the Israeli economy has shown consistent growth in the export of goods and services worldwide.

As a result of this activity most local companies eventually experience the need to open offices and centers abroad, often followed by the need to expand or reduce space.

Index Real Estate has specialized in assisting and representing Israeli companies with international operations, offering clients in Israel a full range of services abroad.

The process of handling a real estate transaction abroad is similar to that in Israel and comprises defining the short and long term needs of the client, locating an appropriate property while assessing alternatives, negotiations and contract execution, and project management of the build-out. Index Real Estate provides a locally based One Stop Shop for all these service abroad.

Brokerage services for income property abroad

Through the 700 locations of Savills offices around the world, Index Real Estate can offer real estate brokerage services for commercial and residential income properties in Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Our expertise in executing transactions is a result of our proven ability to locate opportunities with attractive return potential and optimum profits in different markets.

We act to attain the most profitable deal for our clients from locating an income property for an investor or a potential purchaser for a seller, through negotiations and contract execution, all with complementary services from local professionals through us (attorneys, appraisers and financing).

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