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From time to time all companies and businesses must make decisions that relate to real estate, decisions such as leasing versus buying, downsizing or expansion, location selection in relation to customers, suppliers, competitors, employees, and so on. Such decisions are strategic by nature and require a broad view, much experience and up-to-date information in all fields of real estate.

Setting a proper real estate strategy that will support the development of a company or business in the long term begins with the selection of an experienced and expert commercial property services company.

Index Real Estate is a commercial real estate services company that provides complete solutions through a variety of services:

Commercial property consulting and brokerage services:

  • Assessment of long and short term client needs
  • Analysis of existing contracts and leases, and defining objectives
  • Market surveys
  • Locating and viewing potential properties
  • Economic analyses, comparing alternative solutions and making recommendations
  • Conducting and finalizing negotiations
  • Guiding the client throughout the transaction process, through occupancy of the premises
  • Tenant Representation
  • Location and build-out of offices abroad for local companies

Planning and project management consulting services:

  • Program writing
  • Workplace consultancy (WPC)
  • Space optimization analyses
  • Planning, engineering and statutory consultancy
  • Facilities management consulting (FM)
  • Design and project management for interior build-outs, including:
    • Analysis of client needs and programing
    • Space planning and test fits
    • Preparation of detailed architectural and engineering plans and construction specs
    • Management of tenders for contractor and supplier selections
    • Project management through occupancy and final acceptance

Representing International companies in Israel & abroad

Over the years, the Israeli economy has shown consistent growth in the export of goods and services worldwide.

As a result of this activity most local companies eventually experience the need to open offices and centers abroad, often followed by the need to expand or reduce space.

Index Real Estate has specialized in assisting and representing Israeli companies with international operations, offering clients in Israel a full range of services abroad.

The process of handling a real estate transaction abroad is similar to that in Israel and comprises defining the short and long term needs of the client, locating an appropriate property while assessing alternatives, negotiations and contract execution, and project management of the build-out. Index Real Estate provides a locally based One Stop Shop for all these service abroad.

Index Real Estate offers its clients a package of integrated services as a 
One Stop Shop under one roof.

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